The HD Theme

barn-in-early-winter-frostThe HD Theme was a direct result of about two years of effort working to improve page speed scores and the result of about four years of effort to understand how WordPress ticks, and then package all of that into a single bundle set. It isn’t easy. This theme initially took the better part of a day to style, and then several more to fine tune and add additional functionality.

The net result is that this theme can be used to highlight a product, showcase a service or simply to display a video about what you have done that day. It may be a great way to start a business (as I have done) as there is intentionally only one page present. You may notice the link at the bottom right begins to solve the problem presented at the top left. The item in the middle, the focus of the page, is intended to give meaning to the question and provide a motive for the user to take the next step.

This theme has now also been set up to handle a slide show format as shown here on the left. It includes fields for licensing information, and uses the post excerpt to allow the user to display a limited number of words on a slide overlay. A format like this could be used directly in a presentation.

Try ‘n Buy

Download HD Plugin Theme $50.

Filesize: 10,930 (01/11/2016).

You can download the above free of charge to try, along with other required plugins, or order exactly what you need using a checklist. Generous payment options available.