The Plugin Theme


the-plugin-themeThe Plugin Theme (used to create the above collage, with details below) is a different take on the normal approach to development. It takes almost all of what is typically viewed as “theme” and places them in separate plugins. The advantage of this approach is that it allows for quicker development (all of the plugins developed for the plugin theme approach were developed in about a week), it separates out functionality, so when the developer is working on one aspect of the theme (header, footer, sidebars, etc.), it doesn’t affect the other. It allows for the various components to be swapped out more easily. And finally it provides a clearer picture of what the client/user is actually getting as all of the plugins are clearly visible with a “Theme” prefix and a unique four digit identifier. In addition, they are all freely available for download on a “Try ‘n Buy” basis, so that any one can try them without cost or obligation, and without the need for registration. However payment is requested within thirty days after the decision to use the theme and/or plugins is made. More generous payment options are available for honest to goodness business start-ups. Please see The Plugin Theme page for details and the corresponding available Plugins List.

If you wish, a checklist has been created so that you can select what you need, and then submit the form to have a zipped package bundled and sent to you via email. Open Checklist (new tab).

The HD Theme

barn-in-early-winter-frostThe HD Theme is built to display well on HD devices. But in doing so, it was also possible to allow it to display well on the smaller resolution screens, going all the way down to about 320px. As there was not much there to work with to begin with it was not so difficult to make it display properly at 1280px, 800px, 600px and 320px. The thought behind this one was to be able to use it on a large screen HD display or what is now becoming a standard 1920 x 1080 desktop display. This means that, by intention, there is nothing to scroll down to. This was accomplished with the use of absolute positioning. In addition pure HTML5 elements were used with no HTML4 or lower level alternates as it is most likely that any computer capable of displaying HD is up to date with a standards compliant web browser. Details. Showcase.

The Desktop Theme

desktop-1280x768The Desktop Theme developed to date is based around a Sherlock Holmes detective story with the left sidebar containing chapters. It also contains device links at the bottom of the page so that you, your developer (and your user) are able to view the page in the template of their choosing. Details. Showcase.

The Tablet Theme

tablet-600x800The Tablet Theme was again a direct result of following method rather than focussing on results. It is difficult to describe the mindset that one needs when working directly with code to someone who doesn’t do that on a daily basis (or at all). I think, to be fair to the coder, that an equivalent that most people could understand is heart surgery. Few people would dare look up at their heart surgeon when he is in the middle of a triple bypass to “Hurry it up please, as I have an appointment to go to in five minutes”, yet that is exactly what happens to the coder. Focus on the details is important, because once they are in place and the patient is sewn up and leaves the room, you don’t want him or her coming back for minor fixes. On a less gruesome note (sort of), I am happy to report that the Sherlock Holmes detective story, The Hound of the Baskervilles is now available as a demonstration. Details. Showcase.

The Mobile Theme

mobile-400x600The Mobile Theme is built to display well on devices at about the 320px resolution mark. Mobile devices much larger than that can be viewed on the tablet theme. Details. Showcase.

If you have any pre-sales questions, questions about this approach, wish to try it out but are not quite sure, please submit your inquiry here. If you are ready to purchase, or wish to see the components currently available and get an idea for the total cost, please see the checklist. It has been pre-populated with items you are most likely to need. You can select additional items, or un-select most items as needed. Installation services and generous payments plans are available for business startups. Go to checklist »

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