When a site loads, one and only one main theme can be chosen at a time. This theme can have a child theme, but that is the extent of the default configuration possible. With the “plugin theme” approach, the main theme simply calls the basic elements, and the plugins do the rest of the work. This way components can be swapped out easily, there is less there to break and worry about, and it is much easier to “mix and match”.

In addition, an unexpected benefit is that the plugin activation/deactivation process is both well developed, understood and accepted in the WordPress ecosystem. This makes it easy for the average user, client and developer alike to implement this approach. The next page is a listing of theme based plugins currently (almost) available. Not to be confused with /themes/ which is more concerned with the look of the site, rather than it’s actual structure.

A brief listing some of the main theme plugins are:

  • Theme Body
  • Theme Page
  • Site Header
  • Site Footer
  • Sidebars
  • Menus
  • Effects
  • Fonts
  • Search

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The Plugin Theme

In order to use the theme plugins listed above, you will need The Plugin Theme which can be downloaded from the green button below. This plugin theme is a little different in that it asks the question, “So, what device is being used?” at the very top, and then attempts to deliver the theme according to the device (and request) all throughout. This approach allows for a more streamlined delivery method which really comes into its own when optmizing for HD, tablet and mobile devices. Try it (along with your selection of plugins) and if you like it, a $50 payment is requested (Try ‘n Buy). As the theme and theme plugins are not out of reach, there is no free offer for educational , non-profit or personal use. Sorry, but bills have to be paid on this end too…. But, I think the results will speak for themselves as this approach makes it tonnes easier to try different themes, fonts, structures, colors and styles, all within the well developed and accepted plugin framework. Switchable.

Try ‘n Buy

Download The Plugin Theme $50.

Filesize: 7,655 12/15/2015.

If you are here and curious about the “Try ‘n Buy” method being used here, please have a look at the “More on ‘Try ‘n Buy’ page I wrote to try to give some background to this.