Sustainable Community Design

A 300 acre, 36 dwelling community has been designed that can serve as a 3D framework for a local balanced supply-demand chain. This represents the culmination of years of work. It is well known that we are exceeding the planets capacity1. We cannot continue to overuse the planet’s resources or our children and grandchildren will not have a place to live. The earth is a blue jewel. Even if there are other similar planets out there, a wise parent wouldn’t let their children “go out to play” on another one, if they can’t take care of the one they have.

An initial consultation with a person experienced in sustainable design and construction revealed that, while the idea may be sound, obtaining permits may not be straightforward. This is where a background in programming can help to merge programming with the order provided by geometry. In programming, the ideal is to create a flowchart that is used for a model from which the programmer can work off of. Normally this flowchart is two dimensional. When tackling anything as complex as an entire community, we need a little more than a 2D model, we need at least a 3D or greater model. Thus the 3D model developed can then be used as a framework for “straightening out” the often chaotic environment of everyday life in existing communities.

Further information can be found at

1. Global Footprint Network.