The following rates are guidelines to help estimate the final price for a project.

Hourly Rate

Description Unit Price Typical Total
Debugging/Customization1,2 $15.00 8 $120.00
Consultation $15.00 1.5 $22.50
Custom Work $15.00 30 $450.00
One-on-One Training (3 hour block) $15.00 3 $45.00

Flat Rates

Description Unit Price Typical Total
Daily $120.00 (8 hrs/day) 1 $120.00
Half Week/3 Days $120.00 3 $360.00
Weekly $120.00 5 $600.00

Fixed Price

Description Unit Price Typical Total
Find, Understand, Install and Configure New Plugin* $15.00 2 $30.00
Build Site (One Day Sprint***) $500.00 1 $500.00

***If you know what you want, have a theme, fonts, images, text and plugins selected and just “want to get ‘er done”, we can do that. A wee bit extra for a sprint :), but it should be possible. Some minor customization may be possible depending on time. Don’t forget to have a Terms and Privacy Policy ready, especially if this is a professional site. These are often forgetten. Also, please make yourself available during the full day to answer any questions and keep things rolling. If you are busy during the week, then sometimes Friday afternoon and into the evening is better, when everything else quiets down. On site work is possible, travel and accommodation extra.

Maintenance Packages

Description Unit Price Qty. Annual
Monthly $45.00 12 $540.00
Seasonal (3x per year) $45.00 3 $135.00
Annual $65.00 1 $65.00

Page Speed

Description Unit Price Qty. Total
DIY Pointers $15.00 1 $15.00
Basic $15.00 3 $45.00
Complete (front page only) $15.00 10 $150.00
(Additional at $15 per hour.)


1. Debugging or customizing a theme or plugin can take time. Usually a copy of the site is made on the local machine so that it can be inspected without affecting the live site. A page speed test may be done and debugging turned on to see if there are any obvious problems. An IDE (integrated development environment) is used to assist with navigating the code and provide further debugging capabilities. If the problem exists in the code, it should be possible to find. It can take eight to ten hours to fully work through a problem and come up with a solution. Because of the wide variety of themes and plugins available, it is not possible to be familiar with them all. In this case, a reduced rate may be applied to allow the time needed to “ramp up” to the project, diagnose it, come up with a viable solution and then apply it.

2. Four hour minimum.