Plugin & Bundle Checklist

0001The Plugin ThemeDetects device used. Allows for user to override.
0500SetupTheme settings. Registers menus, post thumbnails, etc.
1000BodyImportant switching functions for the rest of the site.
1100Header TitleSite title, description, logo, search form, menu. Switchable.
1110Announcement BarCan be used for announcements. About 35px high.
1120Header WidgetsThree widgets across.
1200Body MiddleThe middle of the page. Typically used for pages and posts.
1220Middle WidgetsTwo rows and four columns of widgets. Switchable.
1310Footer LinksA flat list of static links.
1320Footer WidgetsThree widgets across. Switchable.
1330Footer DevicesList of device templates available/selected.
1400Body LeftTypically refered to as the left sidebar.
1500Body RightTypically refered to as the right sidebar.
2100Nav Top FlatA flat list of menu items. Can include search form.
2300Nav Bottom FlatA flat list of menu items.
3100Device MobileMobile Theme.
3200Device TabletTablet Theme.
3300Device DesktopDesktop Theme.
3400Device HDHD Theme (1920x1080)
3500Author HDAuthor Info (Scholar)
4100SearchHTML5 Search Form.
4300ImagesSets image sizes (HD, desktop, tablet, etc.)
4400Not FoundNot Found Template. Make it interesting!
5100Fonts Droid SansDroid Sans (headings and all other text)
5210Fonts Slabo 27pxSlabo 27px (headings) and Roboto (everything else)
6000WireframeDisplays a light dotted outline around major elements
7000ResponsiveVery lightweight responsive CSS.
7100EffectsTransitions to "soften" effect changes.
8100RGB BlueBlue. This is where the magic happens. Example.
8200RGB GreenGreen. Pick a base color you like and work from there.
8300RGB OrangeOrange (ditto).
8500TextureA texture like grit, etc.
9100BusinessA combination of elements geared toward a business look.
B100Bundle PackageThe Bundle Package B100 as described on this site.
PACK1PackagingPackage and configure (WP Site DNA).
INSTALL1InstallationInstall on server and check.
PAY30Pay in 30 daysPayment due within 30 days of receipt.
PAY01Pay in 1 yearRequest up to one full year to pay, no interest.
PAY05Pay in 5 yearsRequest up to five full years to pay (business startup).

N.B. Please note that the one and five year payment options still require the $150 processing fee, which is due within 30 days of receipt of the working product. Installation services (i.e. installing the entire package on your server and making sure everything is working correctly) are extra ($150).

Once you have made your selections, please fill out and submit the form. We will try to get back to you within three business days. There is a $150 charge for compiling, checking and packaging the plugins, theme(s) and/or bundle chosen. The plugins are $25 each, the device themes (mobile, tablet, desktop and HD) are $50 each, and the The Plugin Theme itself (required) is $50. This model is chosen to encourage the reduction of the number of plugins and features added, as an aid in keeping the site optimized.

Included is a modified version of WP Site DNA which will automatically activate the plugins with a single click and provide additional configuration, if needed. This can act as a "memory" of what you have installed and how you have had it configured at the time of installation.


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