Stabilizing the WordPress Platform

There is much to like about WordPress, though one theme that recurs is the unsettling feeling that occurs when a plugin, theme, or the WordPress core itself needs an update. Ideally, an update would occur in an staging environment, practically this may not always happen. A second aspect about WordPress being licensed as GPL is

CSS as Independent Factors

Separating out a stylesheet into its various factors (margins, padding, colors, etc.) allows one to handle a stylesheet differently. A typical stylesheet will combine all the attributes for an element around that element. So the header style will include it’s height, font size, font weight, etc. This generally works, but when reordering the stylesheet around

Plugin Repository

On occasion, one may wish to host plugins on their own site, and not upload them to the WordPress repository. This plugin enables one to do that. The files are called in a folder named, aptly enough, repository, and folders created within that directory are picked up by the script. The zip file is contained

CSS Wireframe

The CSS Wireframe plugin adds a dotted outline to major site elements to make it easier to determine where they are. There is a Genesis plugin that also does that, but it tends to add size and weight to the page, as it provides names for the site elements. This method retains the existing look


A lot of code that has been developed is centered around the coder and their needs. That means, when presenting a site to a client, the code structure may not lend itself to try things that may make a difference to the end user. A strong element of a site is it’s color, and one

Plugin Updater

When working with multiple sites for different clients, the problem of maintenance and updates comes up. How can one graciously handle that fact that a plugin or theme may need a slight tweak, enhancement or upgrade, yet not get in the way of someone else, and have to mention that an upgrade or update is

CSS Printer

CSS files can get long (greater than 1000 lines). This makes them difficult to edit by hand, as it is easy to lose one’s place. In addition, the standard method for writing css compresses various aspects of each tag into a single chunk. While technically this works, from the standpoint of independent factors, this means

Code Based Pruning

Working with code every day, all day, can leave one with a different perspective of the world, and how to tackle problems … like pruning a tree or bush for example. Stocked with stories of how “dumb” rule based robots could build a lego like structure based on a simple algorithm, I decided to try