WP Site Installer

The WP Site Installer is something I have worked on for quite some time. It is an extension of the philosophy that it is almost as easy to program the computer to perform a task as it is to do that task manually, when that task is performed on a computer; within reason. WordPress provides

WordPress LTS (Long Term Stable)

So we have moved past the immediacy of dealing with an upgrade which introduced some security features which may have been long overdue. Stricter standards have been applied, and a random password over over 12 characters in length generated by default. This is welcome. However, for reasons stated earlier, a feature set in a system

Why Freeze WordPress?

Although acknowledging the incredible effort and thousands and thousands of hours of effort of many unsung heros, here are some reasons I think WordPress should be frozen, starting from a personal point of view and working outwards from there: Personally, so I can catch up. The latest update (to 4.3) broke a theme on a

WordPress Frozen

As the summer draws to a close and the sunspot cycle wanes, now may be a good time to ask if the WordPress quarterly update cycle should also be frozen for at least a year. A number of issues bring this to the front. One was deprecated code in the latest version update that caused

Page Speed and Simultaneity

In real time communication the listener often has the answer ready before the speaker is finished speaking. With the current system (to my knowledge) the server sits dumbly and acts only if a request has been received. In the days of tape stored data, it would be advantageous for the tape reel to be positioned

Cost Per 10 Visitors

At ten visitors per day, seventy visitors per week, three hundred visitors per month or 3,600 per year, a small business grossing $50,000 per year would work out to about $14.00 per visitor ($50,000/3,600). If 20% bailed for website loads above two seconds, this would work out to 720 visitors or $10,080. Thus, a page

Does Splash Equal Flash

There are three main aspects to a website that I have discovered since I have begun working with them full time about four years ago now, they are graphics, copy and mechanics in roughly that order. That is, when I see people looking at a website, they appear first to think about how it will

Setting a Standard: Where Should it Be Set?

So now that we have let some time pass, and are looking at the same thing after a week or so, what do we find? Or, rather, have the numbers changed any? When testing the page speed page and looking at it over the time it had been optimized, the average was about 0.39s. When

Moving Beyond Speaking to Thought Control

Once we have moved beyond a certain level of functionality in a system, we need to start thinking about reducing the number of additional changes so that the platform can be stabilized. Any time you add to or change a working system, you create a level of doubt or uncertainty as to whether or not