Order and Economy: Why the Current Model Won’t Work

When we receive a loan, chances are the money we are receiving did not exist before it ended up in our bank account. This would be all well and good if interest were not charged, but it is, and this interest has not been added to the system. It has to come from us. It

Reducing Entropy: Energy, Function and Order

You can’t get your chips for free, but the smart people on the net build the monkey cage, and then let the monkeys do all the hard work. Is there a way we could do the same thing as we build out sites? When we try to reduce life to it’s essentials, we have energy,

Cross Fertilization: How to Go About It?

It is perhaps axiomatic that, as soon as we learn something, we like to move on and learn something different, so that we can stay fresh and also find ways to do the things we already know how to do a little different, or a little better. After spending almost five years full time focussed

Self Awareness

Self awareness is the ability to be aware of one’s self. One does not typically think of a machine or a piece of code as capable of being “self aware”, but it is important to make the definition clear so that we can determine whether or not we have met the criteria. In the news

Moving from Optimization to Intelligence

WordPress bundles that contain essential components are great. WordPress bundles that are intelligent are even better. Our brain packs a powerful punch in only three pounds of grey matter, in part because it uses repeating patterns (c.f. Kurzweil). A lot of people sell plugins and themes based on the number of features they have or

A Better Mousetrap?

“Build a better mousetrap…” Are these bundle sets a better mousetrap? I don’t know. I built them, so I shouldn’t be the one to judge them. I do know however, that I have been implementing features and plugins that I have been implementing in my other work, and that I would anyways. That is the

Default Set to Https

The default is now set to https on the bundle set. You can comment out the relevant lines at the top of the .htaccess file if you are not able to use https. Https is recommended. CloudFlare provides an excellent service to allow you to implement https on your site. If you don’t know what

A New Category in Web Development?

I think that what this work with pre-built, automated, pre-configured web ready WordPress bundle sets may be turning into a is a new category in web development. That is, I haven’t seen anything quite like it just yet when searching for something equivalent online. But I could be wrong. These bundle sets were developed with

The Tesseract and Updates

When we move from a static code set to a dynamic one (either making a change to the code or moving the code) we need to precisely define the conditions under which those changes take place. For example, one could assume that the WordPress Version 4.3 code set sitting in the WordPress repository is more