Why Are We Going So Fast?

When we build machines that are heavier and faster than us, we create the ability to hurt ourselves. As long as this level of hurt is below a perceptible level, we accept the consequences. Therefore the roads are full of vehicles that can and do kill the occupants or pedestrians from time to time, duly

Can We Generate Our Idea from First Principles?

In any endeavour there is a distinction between having an idea in mind and having something physical, solid and three-dimensional that works. In our connected world it is sometimes easy to lose that distinction as we can be lulled into thinking that what we have seen on a video or web page somewhere is a

A Self Assembling House

Programming deals with the process of writing code to perform a function that is executed by a computer for a specific purpose. Once this method is understood well, the same procedures can be used in three dimensions. For instance, we can use CAD software to construct a three dimensional image of a house. To do

Can We Mimic Nature for Our Dwellings?

In the previous post, we talked about how we could reduce cost if we reduced weight. Weight is tied to work which is tied to energy which is tied to the economic cost of procuring, distributing and using that energy. When we look at any item we use every day, such as a light bulb

Reduce Weight, Reduce Cost

As weight is tied to work, work to energy and energy to money in the current economic system (oil, gas and electricity, primarily), one way to reduce cost (and thereby freeing yourself incrementally) is to reduce the weight of the items you own and need to live day by day. As many of our transactions

Solar Battery Powered Tablet

A workable, cost effective and (partly) tested solution is outlined above. 25W Monocrystalline Solar Panel (Canadian Tire: Link MRSP $159. Sale: $50.) Controller. This is one of the trickiest parts of the whole installation. I never was happy with the Coleman controllers (perhaps because of the amount of sunlight?). Professional grade controllers given to me

Game Theory, Cooperation and Survival

Suppose that we had a city with an area of five miles by five miles. Let us further suppose that this city had a population of 100,000 residents. Let us yet further suppose that the area was divided equally among the residents, that all were capable and each were allocated 90ft by 90 ft. on

Creating Order: Higher Price Implies Better Quality

Despite the fact there are good arguments for functioning without the restraints of an monetary based economy, there are benefits when looking at what actually happens, at the quality and commitment that result from a higher price. For example, in marketing, price is not the only factor1. Time is another factor2 and quality is a

Define Order

“O.K. hotshot, you’ve just defined something that applies to everything, what does it mean? Give me some examples.” The above statement is correct. If we define the best of states to be one in which order is gradually increasing, we need to talk a little about what that order is, so we know when we’ve

Increasing Order – Tracing a Product Through the Supply Chain

In order to determine if this method might work before committing significant resources to it, we need to do some thinking about how it might look in “real life”. The crucible test for die-hard realistic, type people. The best example I can come up with is the farm I grew up on. Here we had