planets-1068198As we progress in our knowledge of ourselves, how we got here and why, we also begin to look beyond our own atmosphere. Doing so can help us keep our balance and focus and forget ourselves when placed against the much larger reaches of space. To that end, two LinkedIn Groups have been created, Applied WordPress and WordPress and Space Exploration. Applied WordPress is for anything earth bound (or exoplanet bound, which is essentially the same thing) and the WordPress and Space Exploration is for anything beyond the reaches of an atmosphere.

At its core, WordPress is built upon web technologies such as PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. And at their core these elements make use of data storage, logic and data display. Full stop. That means that almost anything a human can conceive (and maybe some things we can’t), could be built using the WordPress platform. The most difficult aspect of this is to wean oneself from thinking of this platform for what it is typically used for, and perhaps think of it more as a web based blank sheet of paper. To that end, the bundle packages available on this site, together with the plugin theme based on switchable components, can be used to more easily launch a new idea.